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Mini Pops spares no expense to ensure that its customers know the high standards to which it prides itself on adhering. 
organic.png We at Mini Pops Inc. are proud to display the USDA Organic symbol on our packaging. This symbol represents our commitment to seeking out sorghum grain and ingredients that are all pesticide free and have no genetic modification. This ensures the highest quality product without any potentially harmful toxins used in farming or processing. The process to become certified organic is a rigorous one, but we understand and endorse the importance of maintaining this high standard in food processing. Our certifying agency is Baystate Organic Certifiers who ensures that all the standards attendant to the USDA are adhered to, and we're proud to do it.
gf.png Many companies claim that their products are Gluten-Free. But if you are someone who avoids gluten for health or medical reasons, you can't know for sure unless there is a third party verification. That's where the Gluten Free Certification comes is. The GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) requires that all certified companies perform regular gluten testing of all ingredients and final products. Rigorous inspections are conducted to ensure that no cross contamination will occur. And Mini Pops is proud to display the GF Emblem and adhere to all the stringent standards set forth by the GFCO. CLICK HERE to see a recent finished product Gluten Test Result from an outside laboratory.
kosher.png As the most widely accepted certification both nationally and internationally, the OU takes pride in its strict guidelines on its certifying companies. And even if you don't adhere to a kosher constrained diet, the OU symbolizes the pursuit by Mini Pops to seek out only the most pure and authentic ingredients to utilize in its manufacturing. By having the OU symbol on our Mini Pops packaging, this means that all of our ingredients must also be certified Kosher. Thus all of our customers can rest assured that our ingredients are of the highest quality.