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Gluten Free

Seal Awarded by The Gluten Free Consumer

Mini Pops' ingredients do not contain gluten, a protein that is commonly found in rye, wheat and barley. Don't be fooled by products that simply claim to be 'gluten free'. Unless they're certified, you can't be sure that they are regularly and properly testing each product and each ingredient. We regularly test all of our ingredients and final products in-house, and we periodically send out Mini Pops samples to be laboratory gluten tested so that we can be confident that gluten levels are deemed 'Undetectable' which translates to gluten levels less than 5 parts per million (<5ppm). Because we get our ingredients from vendors who aren't necessarily Certified Gluten-free, we take the extra step and do not spare the expense to ensure a gluten-free product!

CLICK HERE to see a recent finished product Gluten Test Result from an outside laboratory.