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1)    How did Mini Pops founder, Ari Taube, get to be so handsome?

Alright, who let Ari write his own questions? Can someone please take the mouse away from him.

2)    What exactly IS sorghum grain?

Great question! Take a peek HERE

3)    Is popping sorghum a new concept?

Actually, people in Africa and India have been snacking on popped sorghum for hundreds of years! In India, popped sorghum is called Jowar Dhani. But it’s completely new to the US Snack Food Industry!

4)    Do you pop it in your own facility?

You betcha! We have our own, state of the art manufacturing facility where it’s ALL Mini Pops ALL the time and nothing else!
Our facility is Organic, Gluten Free, Nut-Free & Kosher.

5)    How long has Mini Pops been around as a company?

While Mini Pops actually filed its Articles of Incorporation in September 2009, we spent a lot of time on research and development and did a partial launch of Mini Pops in August 2010. Once the positive feedback was overwhelming, Mini Pops launched its full product line in January 2011! Happy Birthday to us!

6)    Can I buy Mini Pops in stores?

Of Course! Take a look at our Store Locator to find a retailer carrying Mini Pops near you.

7)    Is Ari as smart as he looks?

Ok, now we’re just changing the password on him.

8)   I see you have dairy flavors and non-dairy flavors. Are they run on the same machinery?

Yes. Whereas we thoroughly wash-down our equipment between production runs, all Mini Pops flavors run on the same machinery.

9)   What does it mean to be certified Gluten-Free?

We test all of our ingredients and final products in-house for gluten which has a sensitivity to 20ppm. We also periodically send our Mini Pops to a 3rd party laboratory which tests to

10)   Will Mini Pops be available in Canada?

Yes! But soon…We’re actively working with distributors and retailers to get Mini Pops throughout our neighbors to the North!

11)   On your ‘Itty Bitty Butter’ Mini Pops, one of the ingredients listed is “Natural Flavors”. That’s a bit vague, don’t you think?

You’re absolutely right. Natural Flavors is a proprietary ingredient of our butter flavor supplier. It is however 100% Natural and 100% Allergen-Free as indicated on its MSDS.

12)   Do you offer Mini Pops in Bulk Quantities?

We sure do! Contact us, and we can chat about what you’re looking for.

13)   I have Diverticulitis, and my doctor said I can’t have popcorn. Can I eat Mini Pops?

Well, since no one here at Mini Pops has a medical degree nor does anyone play a doctor on TV (anymore), we unfortunately cannot speak to the suitability of Mini Pops for a particular medical condition. We definitely suggest speaking with your physician about foods which may be okay for your particular condition.

14)   I have Celiac Disease. Can I eat Mini Pops?

Please see the answer to #13

15)   I have a corn allergy. Can I eat Mini Pops?

Please see the answer to #13

16)   I have Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Can I eat Mini Pops?

Now you’re just messing with us.