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Mini Pops Videos

 Hip Hopin' Mini Pops!

 Mini Pops' Little Poppy vs. Popcorn

 Sorghum Farming vs. Corn Farming

 Play the Mini Pops Millionaire Game!

 A tour of Mini Pops

 Mini Pops on 'REEL Entrepreneurs'

 Ari Taube on 'REEL Entrepreneurs'

 Mini Pops at Natural Products Expo - Boston

 Mini Pops Featured on NBC's 'The 10 Show'

 Eco Vegal Gal - Mini Pops Review

 'The G-Free Show' - Mini Pops Review

 'Ja Bacon Me Crazy' - Mini Pops Review

 'Hungry Girl TV' - Behind the Scenes

 Andrew Zimmern in Ethiopia - Popped Sorghum



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