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Mini Pops Baby White Cheddar 3oz Bag

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Product Description

Despite its name, Baby White Cheddar is a favorite for all ages. Seasoned with only the purest, organic white cheddar, these Mini Pops rival any white cheddar snack out there. With the signature Mini Pops crunch, Baby White Cheddar will always prove to be a family favorite. Each Bag contains 3oz of Mini Pops and the bags are 12"x4". Take a look at the clip below from The Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods and see how Mini Pops can be enjoyed!
You can see the nutritional panel below or visit the Mini Pops Interactive Nutritional Info Page




Organic Sorghum Grain,
Organic White Cheddar Powder (Milk,
Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Organic
Safflower Oil


Product Reviews

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  1. My two young kids love it too!

    Posted by David DeCoste on 5th Sep 2014

    Great product. I've always loved the crunch of those not fully popped popcorn kernels (old maids?). To me, Mini Pops have that same crunch but without the hulls to get jammed in your teeth. My 4 and 3 year old kids love the baby cheddar and macho nacho. And my health conscience wife likes the fact they are organic, all natural etc. The customer service is right on and shipping is fast to me here in Southern, Maine.

  2. My Favorite New Snack!

    Posted by Joanne on 25th Dec 2012

    I love these! Cripy, crunchy, surprising great taste, low cal, and low sodium. It"'s a healthy snack that I am now addicted to!

  3. Love these Mini Pops!

    Posted by Deborah on 5th Dec 2012

    I am so hooked on these Mini Pops...really glad I got them off Open Sky originally and now order here. They are so much better than popcorn. LOVE!


    Posted by Mommaw on 17th Sep 2012

    Just found out our grandson has a corn allergy. What a bummer for an eight year old. He just loved to eat popcorn and thought that there was no way to find a substitute. After searching on the internet, I came up with your great product. Ordered him 3 different kinds (limited only because he has a tomato allergy, also). When it arrived and I gave it to him, he was so happy! Actually called and said that it was AWESOME! Also, wanted to know if I had ordered any for my house. Thanks again for your great product.

  5. My replacement for popcorn

    Posted by Leslie on 12th Jul 2012

    After finding that myself and my son are allergic to corn I have been very sad to miss out on popcorn for snacks and movie time.... Thank you for making Mini-Pops and with so many tasty flavors! My son just had a feeding tube removed (placed due to severe allergic reactions to food especially corn) and is now eating food. We have to be careful that he gets no corn products and he is so very happy to have Mini Pops to eat.

  6. Better than Popcorn!!

    Posted by Nancy T. on 1st Jun 2012

    I love popcorn but I'm always on the lookout for healthy snack alternatives. I LOVE Mini-Pops! They have a wonderful nutty flavor and a texture I actually prefer to popcorn.
    I've only tried the white cheddar and sea salt flavors but I love them both. They seem to be relatively low in sodium which appeals to me.
    Mini-Pops are a great and favorite new addition to my pantry shelf. I really hope this product catches on and can be found in grocery stores through the USA!!

  7. Fabulous!

    Posted by Linda H. on 5th Mar 2011

    "Mini Pops" are great!I am a huge popcorn fan, but Mini pops goes beyond popcorn in so many ways . . . taste, nutrition, and "comfort". I love the fact that I can't unexpectantly bite down on a hard kernel or get hulls stuck in my teeth. The very, very best part is the taste! So far I have only been able to try Baby White Cheddar and Subatomic Sea Salt and they are both fabulous!! I buy them at my local health food store and pretty much clean out the shelves. I do not have any dietary restrictions so this is a product I eat only because I chose it over others. I LOVE 'EM!! Thank you for a great product!

  8. A teen's view

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2011

    Our 13 year old enjoyed her Mini Pops!
    Here is what she thought:

    I chose the White Cheddar and it was really good! They were really crunchy and had a great flavor. I ate and ate while watching the movie but never ran out as they fit a LOT in those bags. They taste just like popcorn but are tiny. I loved that nothing got stuck in my teeth, I hate it when that happens. I think this product should be sold in movie theaters so kids with corn allergies can have a nice treat too.