Mini Pops - Sampler pack (8 Packs Variety)

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The cutest snack food on the market just got CUTER! Mini Pops now come in 0.7 oz,  Grab n Go snack bags. Perfect for a healthy snack in lunchboxes or you can take this travel-size snack anywhere you go.

This variety pack is perfect for 'Back to School' from Grade 1 to Grade 100! Can't decide which is your favorite Mini Pops flavor? Try them all in the 0.7 oz !

Flavors in the Variety pack :-

1 x Sea Salt 0.7 oz

1 x Lemon 0.7 oz

1 x Ranch 0.7 oz

1 x Jalapeno Ranch 0.7 oz

1 x Truffle 0.7 oz

1 x Lemon Sriracha 0.7 oz

1 x Butter 0.7 oz

1 x Salty Caramel 0.7 oz