What is Sorghum?


Sorghum is the 5th most harvested cereal grain on the globe. In the USA, over 8 million acres of land (see below)  is devoted to sorghum farming which happens to require far less water to grow than corn.

There are several different sub-types of sorghum, but the sorghum used for Mini Pops is specifically grown to be of the highest   quality and free of any pesticides or genetic modification. And whereas places like India, Africa and China produce sorghum in large quantities, the Sorghum used for Mini Pops are farmed right here in the USA.

Moreover, a portion of the Mini Pops profits are donated to family farm charities which helps support and sustain the family farms of the USA. Contact us if you'd like to get involved!

And for more info than you ever wanted to know about sorghum, visit the Wiki Page for Sorghum



Mini Pops Needs Less Water than Corn for Farming: