Mini Pops - Lemon Sriracha - Mini Bag (6 Packs)

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Mini Pops - Lemon Sriracha - Enjoy Mini Pops' Bold and Zesty flavor of Sriracha combined with the Fresh Taste of Lemon. Mini Pops has paired these two flavors with our All Natural, Low Calorie Air Popped Sorghum that has Protein, Fiber, Iron and Calcium that provides a Healthy snack anytime.


Ingredients: Air Popped Sorghum grains, Olive Oil, Lemon , Sea Salt, Vinegar Powder (Maltodextrin, Organic White Distilled Vinegar) Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Maltodextrin , Sugar , Red Bell Pepper Powder, Green Bell Pepper Powder, Jalapeno Pepper Powder , Natural Extractives of Paprika,

Citric Acid, Natural Flavor.