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Mini Pops - White sorghum grain is non-genetically modified,
sourced directly from certified growers in the USA.
It has been cleaned of extraneous material to 99.5% purity and is guaranteed to contain less than 10 ppm gluten by certified lab .

 This Food Grade Sorghum can be consumed whole as an addition to soup,salads, or as a substitute for rice or pasta in any dish.

 Each individual sorghum grain has a tiny pocket of water in its center. When the grain is exposed to high heat, that water inside heats up and expands causing the grain to Explode!  This just so happens to be how popcorn is made too. Popped Sorghum can be flavored just like popcorn, and you'll see that it has great nutritional benefits as well. It's a delicious, crunchy snack that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Popping Sorghum Grain vs. Popcorn ; - More Protein - Higher in Calcium - Higher in Fiber - Higher in Iron - Lower Saturated Fat - Fewer Calories.


 That's right, try some 'do-it-yourself' poppin' with Mini Pops' Home popping sorghum!

Mini Pops Popping Sorghum can be popped in all the same ways you can pop corn:

1) In a stove top pot with some oil of your choice
2) In a stove top pot without oil - Yup, that works! Just be careful of burning!
3) In a Hot-Air Popper/Blower (Make sure you run the popper to get it super hot before adding grains)
4) In the Microwave - Thats works too! Just place some grains in a paper bag and lay flat in the Microwave. You can add salt, seasoning, butter, Anything!

Just always obey the 'Popping Sorghum Rule of Thumb': The more sorghum you try to pop at a time, the less will pop! Sorghum grain likes its 'personal space' when popping. So make sure you don't pour too much into a small space at a time. You'll have a much higher popping yield if you pop smaller quantities at a time. And unlike corn, the grains that don't pop (there will be some) don't break your teeth! They're crunchy and yummy!

So give it a try!




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  • 5
    i thank you for this product, my granddaughter not only loves the taste, but its so damn cute

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2015

    Product is great, thanks for finding a market for it, hope other people are aware of it, people with corn allergies don't know what they are missing out

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    Interesting site, keep up the good work

    Posted by Saeco on 14th Feb 2013

    Well said. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but it appears that I’m starting to see things from a different point of view. I have to study more on this as it looks very interesting. One thing I don’t understand though is how everything is related together.

  • 5
    Great alternative to corn!

    Posted by Sherri on 25th Dec 2012

    We popped ours in a popcorn machine (with a wire on the bottom that stirs the sorghum and oil) for the best pop and taste. We love that there are no kernels to get in our teeth.

  • 5
    Love the taste!!!

    Posted by greatmom4girls on 24th Nov 2012

    We are extremely excited to perfect how many we should pop at one time using our popcorn machine (not an airpopper) so that my daughter can eat without waste.

    We are so EXTREMELY pleased on how good the Mini Pops taste! These really hit the spot! We've only salted them so far... so we will experiment on buttered, carmel covered, etc later.

    I made this in our popcorn machine, the kind that heats in the bottom with a wire that churns the kernels around so they don't burn while they heat up. I did use oil and 1/4 cup of kernels. I found this was WAY TO MANY kernels to cook at one time. Only half of the kernels popped before some of the blooms started to slightly burn.

    I am posting on facebook and pinterest so all my gluten free friends and family can learn about these little creations and enjoy them too! :)

  • 5
    Great Product; Pops Better than Others

    Posted by Joe G. -- on 6th Nov 2012

    This is my first order from Minipops. I was very pleased to see how much more pops than the competitor's sorghum. Had a small damage issue with one bag during shipping and customer service addressed the issue right away. Very happy with our first experience. Thanks Minipops!

  • 5
    Great Gluten Free Snack

    Posted by Jackie on 6th Oct 2012

    I am gluten free and this is a great snack when everyone else if having popcorn. It tastes great, is easy to make and gluten free!! What more could one ask for?

  • 5
    For a little kernel it has a great taste!

    Posted by Laura on 1st Oct 2012

    First time trying this Sorghum popcorn. My husband can't eat regular popcorn because of the kernels, but he can eat this....yum! Very good, especially when popped in coconut oil : )

  • 5
    For old time's sake

    Posted by Mike on 16th Sep 2012

    I used to get popped sorghum from a testing lab at one of the Land Grant University's Ag Products Labs and loved it. I have been meaning to try popping it myself for a number of years and finally did so. DELICIOUS! And pops just like regular popcorn.

    I highly recommend it to all popcorn lovers as a special treat and you may never go back.

  • 5
    It Pops!

    Posted by Ira on 28th Mar 2012

    How Cool! I can't believe it how much pops! So Cute too! I Popped it in a pot on my stove top.