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Here at TLC Foods USA, Inc,, we are the manufacturers of a unique, nutritious and delicious snack: Mini Pops Air popped and Seasoned Sorghum -grown in the United State of America. Our product is simple: Air Popped, Seasoned and Packed - Ready to Eat!

Mini Pops Air-Popped & Seasoned Sorghum Snack Food Since 2009.

Mini Pops Sorghum Grain is Non-Gmo farmed in the USA. Sorghum possesses nutritional benefits over corn, lacks corn allergens and gluten, and requires 50% less water to grow!

When popped, it lacks the hulls that can get caught in the teeth and gums compared to traditional popcorn.

We use ALL Natural Ingredients, We are Gluten Free Certified by GFCO.

Mission and Value:  Our goal is to present Mini Pops, a unique, nutritious and tasty snack,  to the snack food industry using the highest quality ingredients grown and Manufactured in the USA .

Our White Sorghum Grain are grown in the USA .

Where is sorghum grown in the USA ? 

The United States harvested approximately 8.5 million acres of sorghum in 2015. Mini Pops's sorghum are mainly comes from these 5 producing states  :

1. Kansas

2. Texas

3. Arkansas

4. Oklahoma

5. Colorado

There are various types of sorghum including red, orange, bronze, tan, white, and black colored sorghum . Tan, cream and white colored sorghum varieties are typically used to produce Mini Pops.

Pop sorghum is very popular as a snack in many parts of East Africa and South Asia. Sorghum is called various names in different places in the world. Sorghum raised for food consumption comes from a common plant, Sorghum Bicolor . In Western Africa, it is called Great Millet, Kafir corn or Guinea corn. In India , it's called Jawar (also spelled Jowar) , Kaolian in China and Milo in Spain.

Enjoy !!

Mini Pops Team




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