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Mini Pops Inc.
208 Tosca Dr. Stoughton, MA 02072
Office: 781-436-5864 Fax: 781-533-9033

** For Immediate Release ** 

A Truly Unique Snack Food Comes to Massachusetts and the USA!

Stoughton, MA (August 16th 2010) - Mini Pops Inc. is extremely proud to announce the grand opening of its manufacturing facility in Stoughton, MA.  Mini Pops is an absolutely unique snack food to hit the shelves of natural food grocers nationwide:  Popped, Organic Sorghum Grain!  Sorghum, being the 5th most harvested cereal grain on the globe, is primarily harvested for milling into gluten-free flour.  But one of its little known secrets is that it pops just like popcorn.  It is Corn-Free, Gluten-Free and is healthier for you than popcorn.

“To be able to bring a completely new and unique product into the US snack food industry that is also healthy and delicious is very exciting,” says Ari Taube, President and CEO of Mini Pops Inc.  “An Organic, gluten-free and corn-free popcorn alternative that lacks those irritating popcorn hulls makes for the next big thing in healthy snacking.”

Sorghum, which requires 50% less water to grow than corn, is also known as a very ‘green’ product and Mini Pops gets all their sorghum from Family Farms in the USA.  Moreover, it donates a portion of their proceeds to FarmAid Charity – a charity to help family farms in the USA weather tough times.

“I think we as a country are becoming far more health conscience and environmentally mindful,” Taube says.  “Mini Pops offers a delicious and nutritious snack while fostering cognizance towards where our food comes from – our earth.” 

 Mini Pops now comes in 6 Delicious Flavors. All flavors are certified Organic and Kosher:

1) Baby White Cheddar
2) Little Lemon Pepper
3) Subatomic Sea Salt          
4) Itsy Bitsy Chili Cheese                                                                                                             
5) Hot n’ Chilly Chili
6) Petite Plain

“Two more flavors that are on the Mini Pops horizon are Teeny Tiny Kettle Pops and Cutie Caramel” says Taube.

Mini Pops is a privately held corporation founded by its president, Ari Taube, and its products are making their way onto store shelves and currently selling online at www.MiniPopsInc.com.  Mini Pops does all its popping, flavoring and packaging at its Stoughton, MA location.  It will be a new Exhibitor at The Natural Foods Expo East this upcoming October and is welcoming new retail and wholesale orders.


             Ari Taube
  President, Mini Pops Inc.

           208 Tosca Dr.
    Stoughton, MA 02072

          O: 781-436-5864
          F: 781-533-9033